• Before Admission

    • Kindly contact the admission counter and provide them with the details e.g. Date of Admission, Treating doctor, and Preference class of accommodation.
    • Pre-Registration for Maternity cases is done at least 60 days before expected date of delivery.
    • Planned Surgical/Maternity cases are required to pay deposit amount.
    • On the date of admission an intimation call will be made and in case it is not received you are requested to confirm with the admission counter.
    • Accommodation of your choice may not be available in such case all efforts will be made to facilitate you in another best available category.
    • We accept cash/ DD or debit cards / Credit cards of all major banks.
    • Reservation deposits are not transferable.

    During Admission

    • Patients are admired either through doctor’s reference letter or CMO’s recommendation.
    • Passport & Visa/PIO is to be produced by foreign nationals/NRI failing which the admission of the patients may be denied.
    • The deposit amount has to be paid according to the rules, within 24 hrs in case of emergency. The amount will vary based on the type of accommodation.


    After Admission

    • The charge of the bed is billed at the end of each day. Check in time is flexible. Charges will be applicable.
    • Day care Patient will be kept under observation for a maximum of 8 hrs, after which he will either be admitted as regular patient or discharged.
    • Transfers of the class will be based on the availability only.
    • When you move upgrade to a higher class the billing will be done as per the higher class from day one.
    • In case of down grade to a lower class the billing from the day of transfer will be applicable as per the lower class subject to the approval of the management.
    • In case shifting to ICU the room has to be vacated.
    • Special/Deluxe Suit class may be allowed to retain the room subject to availability. The room can be urgently required in case of any admission required to be done.


    • Discharges are processed round the clock in the hospital.
    • Discharge time is 12 am and the final bill has to be cleared before 2 am. If your discharge order is received for final billing beyond 11 am you will be charged for that day.
    • Discharge of patient will be authorized as per the doctor’s opinion.
    • On receipt of request and discharge papers the billing department prepares the bill. On Completion of the final bill the billing department informs the patient Room for final settlement.
    • Relative has to approach the discharge counter for final settlement.